Library Management Software for School-Based Health Care

The primary objective of School-based health centers or SBHCs is to achieve health equity among children who face disparities on the grounds of their ethnicity, race, or family income. It places the health care services such as medical, dental, behavioral, and vision directly in the schools so that young children can benefit from them despite their background.

The concept of a School-based health center was initiated in 1894 when the first ever school health program was started in the United States. However, the first official school-based health center was opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since then, several health centers have opened up to provide the young and poor students quick access to health care.

What is the role of school nurses in School-Based Health Care?

The school nurses form an integral part of the School-Based Health Care as they aid in reducing as well as preventing the number of absent days in schools. The nurses at the SBHCs take care to ensure that the students enjoy good health care so that they can maintain a good attendance in school. The main job of the school nurses is to provide direct health care to the students, promote health education, and serve as a connection between students, parents, and health care professionals. The main activities performed by the school nurses are:

  • Plan ahead for managing any kind of emergencies
  • Taking care of students who need special health care
  • Special health screening programs
  • Verification of the several types of immunizations
  • Preparing reports for any infectious disease
  • Maintain a system to identify chronic health care needs in students

How library management software can help with the above activities:

Planning for any emergencies with a high level of efficiency, ensuring that the centers have all the essential supplies, preparing reports of diseases and the various other activities offered at SBHCs needs a robust and effective library management software. These centers take the responsibility of providing good health care to numerous students year after year, so maintaining records efficiently needs a well-managed system.

Library of Thousands of Files and Documents

An advanced library management software helps to keep the information, knowledge and other resources (whether digital or physical) at one place to help you and your health care center. As the records are saved and maintained in digital format, you can access the files from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone.

A robust records management or  library management system will enable you to save different types of files such as audio, PDFs, websites, flip books, video, maps, e-books, and much more. In case you need a hard copy of any of the files saved in the system, you may request from the librarian with an automatically populated e-mail or online entry.

A well-developed management software not only helps you properly manage the entire library collection and circulation, but it can also save you a lot of time and money. It can be used to keep track of the materials, records, and other critical information, and make them available in digital format. So, if you need a record about the current status of health in a particular school, a good library management software should be able to generate the report in minutes.

How Can Eloquent Library Management Software Help SBHCs?

Eloquent offers a mobile-friendly and integrated library management system that comes equipped with numerous features that you can find in any traditional ILS. The system supports a broad range of digital content such as e-books, flip books, business documents, PDF’s, large maps, artifacts, videos, journals, photographs, websites, logbooks, and scrapbooks. Here are some of the features of Eloquent Library Management Software that can help better manage the records and data at School-based health centers:

  • It offers one-place online public access for different resources
  • It allows acquisitions with currency and budgeting
  • Import/export of MARC records
  • It contains e-books and various forms of other digital assets
  • It controls the circulation of physical items
  • It enables subscription processing

You may either run the Eloquent Library software on your own server or it may be run in the Eloquent Cloud. In both the cases, the authorized users get round the clock access to the library software system from anywhere on the Internet using any mobile device or browser. Thus, School-based health centers can greatly benefit from this system.