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Welcome to our one-stop-source that offers extensive information on School-based health care (SBHC) in your area. We strongly believe that every child has the right to a healthy life that helps him grow and flourish with love and care. No reason should be big enough to keep a child away from good health, and we are dedicated to helping every child enjoy a wide range of health care services right at their school.

Just as the name suggests, school-based health centers are the advanced health care facilities located within the school. The services that are covered at the SBHCs are behavioral health care, primary medical care, substance abuse counseling, health education and promotion, nutrition education, and case management.

The SBHC maintain a record of the students and the various illnesses that they are cured for. The school-based health centers have nurses and doctors that are trained to meet the diverse health requirements of kids and teens.

The common health problems that can be treated at the health centers are a flu, diabetes, and asthma. They are also examined for vision, dental and hearing problems. Students also get counseling at the school-based health centers to help them develop healthy habits and prevent violence and other types of threats.

There are more than 2,300 school-based health centers spread across the 50 States of America, serving more than two million students. In most cases, the centers are located within the school building or just next door, so your child will no more need to miss school to see the doctor, and you will also not be required to leave work.

With so many students being examined and treated for various health conditions, it is important for every school-based health center to have a good records management system. Having a robust management system will save time and enable the center to maintain accurate information of each student, their specific problems and also keep track of their improvement.

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