More on Records Management

Children play an important role in shaping the future of any nation. A healthy nation needs healthy children and school-based health care center is a useful tool that helps in establishing health equity among kids so that barriers such as ethnicity, race, or family income does not impact their growth. The health care centers are places where children get services such as vision, dental, and medical without any discrimination.

Records that Need Management System

To ensure that center is capable of meeting the requirements of each student, they need to maintain records about every child’s medical history and background. A good records management system can come handy to maintain all records in the most efficient manner so that every child receives the required medical attention. Some of the common types of services offered at school-based health care centers are:

  • primary medical care
  • proper nutrition
  • abuse counseling
  • case management
  • mental/ behavioral growth and care
  • dental/oral health care
  • health education

When there are so many student records to maintain year after year, you need comprehensive and authoritative records management software. These tools are capable of classifying, identifying, securing, storing, tracking, retrieving, deleting or preserving the records.

According to the ISO 15489-1: 2001 standard, the record management is defined as a field of management that is responsible for efficient and effective management of records, which includes the entire life cycle comprising of creation, maintenance, receipt, use and disposition of the records. When searching for software to manage the vast sea of records, you need to ensure that it is capable of performing these functions:

  • It should be capable of planning about the informational requirements for any organization
  • It should be able to identify the information that involves capture
  • Creating the policies and practices for the school-based health centers
  • Identifying, classifying, and preserving the records for each student
  • The software should be able to provide access to records both internally and outside the school-based health care center
  • It may contain the confidential information of each student that can only be accessed by nurses and teachers

Besides using the records management software to manage the information related to school-based health care center, you can also try using Library Management software. The latter can help you manage the files, brochures, and books of the health centers efficiently. If there is an emergency, the presence of an effective library management system will ensure that you never run out of supplies and the reports are maintained with precision.

The online library can store all the critical information of patients, their medical history, and other essential documents. With a good records management and library management system, you can be assured that every file and critical data is readily available at any time with just a click.

Sample of Records Retention Period

If you are looking for suitable records management software, then we suggest that you check out Eloquent Records, an efficient and robust system that promises all you want and much more. This is mobile friendly software that is capable of managing all the critical data with ease. It contains all the features that you can probably expect from a time-tested and traditional system for maintaining physical records.

Records Management Software by Eloquent Systems offers many advantages that include efficient management of paper and online data, easy retrieval and tracking of physical items, disposition/ tracking of information governance, and easy integration with collaboration tools. Eloquent Records is capable of supporting all types of digital content such as e-books, large maps, business documents, artifacts, videos, PDF’s, logbooks, scrapbooks, flip books, journals, photographs, and websites.

With these advanced and effective Eloquent management systems, the school-based health care centers and their Records Managers will be able to work more efficiently.