School-Based Health Centers Overview And Management Systems

School-based health centers or SBHCs are the health care clinics that you can find in the primary and secondary school campuses spread across the United States. Most of these clinics offer a combination of health promotion, health care, abuse counseling, health education, dental health, case management, health education and so on. The SBHCs mainly focuses on prevention as well as early intervention of any health problem.

The school-based health centers are formed as a result of a partnership between a community health organization like a clinic, care center or hospital and a school district. According to researchers, SBHCs have the following impact on the health and education domains:

  • It provides the uninsured students access to better health care. It also helps reduce the difference between the African-American students and disabled students
  • SBHCs offer immunization services for the young kids with better efficiency than any other community health clinic. A child suffering from asthma can benefit from the services offered at these health care centers.
  • SBHCs help students with better academic outcomes and reduce the school absences. Thus it promotes a healthier student attendance in school.
  • SBHCs also result in cost-savings as a result of reduced use of emergency rooms and fewer hospitalizations

School-based health centers perform a lot of activities to ensure that students enjoy good health and education. These centers can greatly benefit from the use of a well-designed management system to maintain the records. This will help the centers keep extensive and accurate records of students from different batches, various case studies, health care records and so on.

The reputable vendors such as Eloquent Systems offer an integrated and mobile friendly records and library management systems that can be used to record a variety of digital content associated with the school-based health centers. They can provide one place for public access to all resources that can be found online.